About Us


The Asian Health Agency is a non-profit making charity set up in 1994 & is dedicated to delivering high quality holistic health & social care services, community empowerment & strategic alliances with voluntary private & public sectors to address discrimination & inequalities.


  • Direct health & social care services to people with disabilities & substantial health needs and their carers
  • Public health education & health promotion services & activities
  • Training & capacity building support targeted at empowering communities & third sector organisations to participate in, affect change & influence decision-making within mainstream service & policy development

TAHA is driven by its concept of SEVA – SERVING our communities – which is at its heart and its vision is to empower people & challenge racism inequalities & disadvantage, providing diverse communities with the services that mainstream organisations fail to adequately provide.

TAHA is accredited with Care Quality Commission
TAHA is an Investor in People organisation