Day Care for adults & older people

Our SHANTI day care service is dedicated to:

  • serving older people, adults with disabilities, people experiencing mental ill-health & those with substantial health needs & debilitating conditions & their carers
  • Improving choices, dependent living, health & wellness

SHANTI provides a holistic person centred approach & offers individually tailored & culturally appropriate day care support services to residents in Hammersmith &Fulham& surrounding boroughs.

Service Availability:

Day care service is available to customers living in London Borough of Hammersmith &Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster and surrounding boroughs of Ealing Brent Hounslow and others

Our Day Care Package is available

Mondays to Fridays between 10am- 5.00pm

Our Day Care Package includes:

  • half day or full day care packages
  • Transport for all day care managed users
  • One to one support via matching male & female staff to meet user’s particular requirements, needs & preferences
  • Daily vegetarian & non-vegetarian (including halal) meals between 12noon to 2:30pm with a take away food service available for users & non-users
  • TV including Asian channels
  • Outings & Trips: regular trips to places of interest e.g. places of worship, cinema etc& annual trip to seaside
  • health education & health promotion activity e.g. yoga, talks & practical sessions on key health conditions e.g. diabetes, strokes, cancers, stress etc

Residents from Hammersmith &Fulham, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and those from surrounding boroughs can now access our quality & bespoke day care service via personal budgets or direct payments

Day Care packages at affordable prices

Prices start from £38* for half day and £60* per day

*excluding transport charges: t & c apply


We offer accessible transport for people with disabilities and wheelchair users.  A charge of £15 per day is applicable* for day care service users/ who residents of London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F).

An additional charge is made to residents not living in London Borough of Hammersmith &Fulham.

Our Transport service can be purchased as part of our day care service or separately.